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The Life of Alexis Perkins
The Life of Alexis Perkins

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The Changing Stone

Jeniffer was a normal 17 year old boy, or so she tried to pretend. Her entire life changes when a "Fallen Angel" appears in her school one day and hands her The Changing Stone, claiming her to be the Guardian of The Gate. Now, she's found herself transformed into the girl she's always wanted to be, but what responsibilities come with being the Guardian of The Gate? And can she adjust to being physically female?


Johto Chapter 3

In case anyone didn't see on the new comic, we're going to be stopping with The Changing Stone until Renske can do chapter 3 of Johto. She's been eager to do it (and I DID send her the scripts before this anyway). So yeah, we'll be switching over to that for a chapter. Once that is done, we'll be coming back to do another chapter or two of Changing Stone, then likely switching back to Johto for a chapter or two. If you'd like to see more updates of either comic, though, feel free to let us know if you can help! If we could get a second artist in, we could update both comics!

You can find Poke Saga - Johto here:

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