Emily-Ann Coons

A female born and raised in Michigan.
She enjoys writing stories and playing video games. In fact, she probably plays too many video games. This is one reason she has done many novelizations and attempted to do webcomic versions of many of the stories she has written. She plays D&D on occasion and is currently running her own campaign on Tuesdays. She is also Hypersexual which is part of the reason a lot of her stories have strong sexual themes. She sometimes wishes she could write without succumbing to her sexual side, but she fails at that regularly.

Rensje A.K.A RenRoe

A female born and raised in the Netherlands, Social-Work student.
Drawing has always been a passion for her, she loves comics, manga and anime alike. Though has a slightly large obsessions with collecting manga novels... (she has a personal restraint on the amount she is allowed to buy.. honestly).
Other interests are body modifications like Piercings and Tattoo's, Punk music, Metal music, Cosplay and Science-fiction.