Jeniffer Seaborn

Jeniffer was a normal 17 year old boy, or so she tried to pretend. Her entire life changes when a "Fallen Angel" appears in her school one day and hands her The Changing Stone, claiming her to be the Guardian of The Gate. Now, she's found herself transformed into the girl she's always wanted to be, but what responsibilities come with being the Guardian of The Gate? And can she adjust to being physically female?

Brandon Jansson

Brandon is an eighteen year old boy who, like Jeniffer, is in his senior year. He was Jeniffer's only friend before she became a physical girl. Now, however, it seems that every guy wants to be "her friend". What role will he have to play when Jeniffer suddenly faces the changes she will now experience from being female?

Emily Yamaki

Emily was the new girl in town. Jeniffer learns the truth about her is not quite what it seems, however, when she discovers that Emily is actually a "Fallen Angel" and gives her The Changing Stone. Emily now serves as Jeniffer's mentor, teaching her all there is to guarding The Gate.

Ami Wong

Ami seems to be a big busted girl who is half Chinese and half Japanese. Just who is this girl and why does she have such an interest in Jeniffer?

The Changing Stone

A magical artifact that has gained sentience. It is the Key to The Gate, a magical portal that connects the physical realm with the realm of The Creator. It can never fall into evil hands, or it would mean the end of all existence.

Abolition the Destroyer

An ancient evil beast made of pure chaos. It has no physical form and it seems as though it can never be stopped, only halted. Can Jeniffer protect The Changing Stone from this evil beast? Or will she be destroyed by it, causing all of existence to end?


The leader of the "Fallen Angels". While he holds no real anger or hatred over the mortal world, he seems to commonly be referred to as "Satan" and given an angry, deceptive, and evil personality. He wishes only that the world not confuse him and his Fallen Angels for the true evil and its demons.

Cathy Seaborn

Jeniffer's Mother, though she may wish it was not true. She's a fairly nice woman, and has always been known to treat her family and friends with love. Yet, despite this, when Jeniffer returns home as a girl, she's lashes out and disowns her. What will become of Jeniffer because of this? What will become of Sureen, her other daughter?

Sureen Seaborn

Sureen is Jeniffer's sister of 6 years of age. She loves ponies, unicorns, and other magical creatures that little girls like her usually enjoy. She's never known her sister was anything other then just that, but now that Jeniffer has physically become her sister, what will that do to her family and to her?

Alyssa Jansson

Brandon's Mother is a kind and carrying woman. She loves her family and friends very much. To this degree, she is willing to even take in Jeniffer, finding nothing wrong with her. What will become of her talking over as Jeniffer's motherly figure? How will this effect her relationship with Brandon and his family?

More cast members to come as they are shown in comic